Which Data Warehouse Automation User Are You?

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data warehouse automation for the IT Manager
IT Manager My business users cannot afford to wait three months for a new report. They need information now. Previously, three months of BI development using ONE external consultant would cost almost $90,000. Our data is not too complex. With Ajilius Data Warehouse Automation, we deliver most reports in a day or two and big consulting bills for Business Intelligence are a thing of the past.
data warehouse automation for the business user
Business User My SQL skills aren't the best, and I certainly have never designed a data warehouse before, but Ajilius Data Warehouse Automation takes care of all that for me. Ajilius Data Warehouse Automation solution lets me quickly get data ready for reporting. Now I can create data marts myself without calling IT.  I’m usually all done in an hour.
data warehouse automation for the etl developer
ETL Developer We have a massive investment in enterprise ETL software. Our CIO won’t let us throw that out overnight, but change is a big problem for us. Using Attunity Compose, I can design and prototype a new solution in hours and show it to the business to make sure it is exactly what they need. Attunity Compose saves us time by designing the 3NF or Data Vault target model and star-schemas. Then we can gradually replace our existing ETL with easier-to- maintain Compose projects.
data warehouse automation for the power user
Power User Our ERP comes with built-in reports, but they're a bit 'vanilla' and won't pull data from other sources like spreadsheets, payroll and our cloud-based CRM. Attunity Compose lets me grab data from anywhere and mash it up for other users to use in their own reports. Plus, I get to use my favourite dashboard tool, not just the one that came with our ERP. 
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